Saturday, September 25, 2010

9 pm post

Great day. Just wanted to return and report that I was lead and followed the spirit. This first day of beginning and returning to the basics.
I focused on God's will and kept my promise of the fast to Him. A sack lunch was served at 4:30pm, half a sandwich, grapes, chips and a cookie. Before I ate it, I prayed and thanked God for my fast, which also asked for a blessing on my son with chronic pain in his hips. The presentation went well with lots of displays on how to live within our means, treat our husbands, care for children, emergency preparedness and of course family history which my friend and I did. The meeting lasted over 4 hours. We had about 200 women come and participate. Now for the testing!
As I left the building, I had the thought, I would like to eat the rest of my sub sandwich from a leftover meal in the refrigerator. Wait! Focus! Listen to the lie. You cannot think about food unless your stomach has growled. But I only ate one meal today, I fasted 36 hours, I had several growls today, go ahead and eat. But wait, said my heart, listen said the spirit. The big question, "Is your stomach growling?" Answer: "No" Then how do you respond to the test. I will not eat. As I got in the car, another thought came. How about a caffeine-free coke from the 7-11? Yes, and that's what I did with lots of ice. I sipped about 4 ounces and didn't want any more. I came home and had a good talk with my husband as he wanted to know all about the meeting. Then I knew I needed to post my spirit-filled day, about the test, and now my stomach is growling, but I choose to fast this growl as it is nighttime, 9pm and I don't want to go to bed with a binge spoiling this wonderful day. At night, if I take one bite of something (just one bite won't hurt, I hear the lie) I keep going, some of this leads to more of that, and before I know it this wonderful day will be spoiled. No, I will pray, read scriptures, lay out my clothes for church and go to bed with a full heart and empty stomach. Also, I like Debra's weigh-in plan of weighing on Sundays and Tuesdays and I plan to follow this schedule. SO tomorrow I will weigh, record it and will post it next Sunday.
May your Sabbath be filled with light and love from our Savior and your loved ones. With Love, Carol Louise

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